Threat Intelligence

Shift your organization's defense strategy from reactive to proactive.

Threat intelligence provides organizations with the capability to make data-driven security decisions

Pipeline has partnerships with industry leading threat intelligence companies from around the world, enabling us to provide tailored threat intelligence data to our customers.


Types of threat intelligence:

Strategic Intelligence

Security attack trend information aimed towards management and decision makers.

Technical Intelligence

Technical information about specific cyber attacks and growing cyber attack campaigns.

Tactical Intelligence

Details of threat actor approaches and processes for internal technical team analysis.

Operational Intelligence

Information about cyber threat actors’ intent and motivations

Delivering Actionable Cyber Intelligence


Add threat intelligence data directly into your existing infrastructure or devices.


Receive updates in real time, protecting your email systems, cloud applications, networks, and users from the latest threats.


Iinvestigate incidents and compromised internet infrastructure utilizing threat intelligence data.


Our highly experienced team will work on your behalf to detect threats from spam, malware, ransomware, botnets and phishing threats.

Partner Companies

Partners include Spamhaus, SURBL, Scamadivisor
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Threat Intelligence Case Study

Enterprise IT

Helping an IT services organization to gain real-time visibility into a broad range of emerging threat vectors targeting their client base


Detect and analyze cyber threats

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