Security Operations

We help to protect your business so you can focus on running it.

Gain visibility into your entire security posture, improving incident management and response.

In order to cope with the recent increase in cyber attacks, the attacks have become so diverse that it is no longer possible for the system staff in a company to handle them alone.

Among cyber attacks, targeted attacks use malware, which is very difficult to detect by anti-virus software, and can easily steal confidential information of targeted companies.

Businesses are scurrying to find security solutions to protect themselves against catastrophic cyber-attacks. While some enterprises depend on various cybersecurity products to do it all for them, others simply outsource their cybersecurity to external service providers, thinking that will ensure their safety.

At the same time, some are opting for the effective strategy of incorporating a security operation center (SOC).


Pipeline allows security operations and incident response teams to make quick, confident decisions based on external intelligence that is automatically correlated with internal threat data — in real time, at scale across vast amounts of data, and without the need for complicated research.

Cybersecurity and IT Risk Assurance.

Online threat monitoring capabilities to identify, detect, and respond to cyber threats with maximum efficiency

Benefit from cybersecurity specialists armed with essential expertise and experience of fighting cybercrime that fit right in your company

Get credentialed project consultants, security analysts, and security integration experts at your service to identify, isolate, and block any malicious activity

Providing the right qualified individuals saving you time, effort and money while dramatically reducing productivity hindrances created by talent gaps


Services Provided:


A soft approach, advising you and your key contributors on how to improve your cyber security and data decisions.


Establishing a specific project to improve your cyber security or data driven tools which could include a Proof of Concept to validate the required results.


Taking responsibility to grow and protect your revenue streams by augmenting your organization’s security measures and allow faster growth at a lower risk.


Creating effective, custom training for your company that allows your organization to focus on growth and profitability.

Improve security and lower your risk

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