Defending Today, Securing Tomorrow.

Tailor-made solutions, managed security services, and comprehensive data analytics consulting to identify digital security risks, bolster security measures, and unlocking valuable insights.

We Provide Data-Driven x Cyber Security

We provide comprehensive support from the very beginning so that you can concentrate on your important business activities. We implement the best security measures for your company with our Managed Security Services (MSS).

Protecting Your Businesses Valuable Information Assets

Pipeline's cyber security services and solutions analyze data collected from a wide variety of sources, including the Dark Web, and then utilize and implement advanced security measures to protect your company's information assets.


Support for multi-layered and multi-faceted cybersecurity

Cyber Attacks

Prevent Breaches

• Protective DNS
• Email Security
• Endpoint Security

Insider Threats

Suspicious Activities

• Log Monitoring
• Log Analysis & Detection Correlation Analysis

Data Leakage

Protect Data

• MSSP Managed
• Security Services


Building Clean Network Environments

Pipeline belongs to international security organizations in Japan and throughout Asia Pacific. Utilizing knowledge obtained from various organizations in industry-academia collaboration and daily research, we are contributing to the advancement of security in Asia.

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Powerful Cybersecurity Solutions

Our Products


Utilizing Generative AI and Computer Vision for Advanced Email Security.Built for Cloud Email Services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Setup completed in 30 minutes!


Protect your Business and Users with Enterprise Secure Internet Access. Instantly identify threats, build reports, and automatically block malicious domain communications. Enterprise Level Secure Internet Access


Providing Real-Time Insights and Operational Intelligence. Collect, Index, and Correlate Data from various sources to Build Dashboards, Visualizations, and Alerts, Data-Driven Cybersecurity Decisions

Our Services

Free Cybersecurity Consultation

Experienced consultants with deep cybersecurity knowledge and high expertise will accompany and support your company's security measures.

Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

In addition to the three pillars confidentiality, integrity, and availability. We will help identify your company's issues with our unique framework and top-level assessment and diagnostic tools.

Cybersecurity Services & Operations

We will quickly build and implement a cybersecurity operations that are optimal for your company. Operation management contracts can also be handled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Digital Forensics & Dark Web Investigations

Information leaks by employees who have been involved in cybercrime have occurred, or may be happening. Pipeline supports rapid fact-checking by collecting, analyzing, and investigating information recorded on digital devices.

Why choose Pipeline

Our team of  cybersecurity experts are here to manage your security so you can focus on optimal choices for your business.

Security for Business Continuity

We will propose optimal countermeasures to your company without being swayed by the rapid changes in technologies such as generative AI. Your company can focus on important tasks.

Providing the Support You Need

Our Tailor-Made solutions directly reflect customer-specific cybersecurity-related issues in our products and services.  

Our Vast Human Network

Our professional network includes industry-academia collaborations throughout th world. We utilize cutting-edge technology trends and knowledge through participation in international organizations.

Quick to Detect and Respond

Pipeline's technical teams will provide incident response suppor as well as digital forensics to support your cybersecurity emergencies.

Customer Use-Cases

ASM implementation examples for major telecommunications companies

Major telecommunications companies have introduced ASM (Attack Surface Management) to visualize vast IT assets and prevent internal threats. In order to respond to the increase in cybercrime as DX progresses, it was decided to introduce ASM with pipeline support. Read the case article for more details...

Telecommunication industry
Cybersecurity Division

“Biman Bangladesh Airlines” ransomware recovery case

In recent years, damage caused by “ransomware” has increased globally. “Ransomware” is a neologism that combines “Ransom (ransom)” and “Software (software),” which means ransom...

IT department

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Your Partner in Cyber Resilience

At Pipeline, we will orchestrate your company's cybersecurity implementation and operations.