Cyber Security Assessment

Identify security risks and threats before they can seriously harm your organization.

Reduce your cyber risk exposure

You can no longer feel safe by just installing anti-virus software or network firewall. Every year, cybercrime becomes more prevalent, and many organizations are dealing with the growing complexities of their digital assets.

To stay secure, you must first figure out where you're susceptible from and then reinforce your defenses. Understanding your cyber risks also pave way for your future investments and protections for your business.


Discover network flaws, threats, and vulnerabilities

Most networks have flaws, such as third-party applications that require patching or improperly configured firewalls – not to mention the risks associated with businesses shifting to remote work and BYOB (Bring your own device).

Organizations need a comprehensive plan for vulnerability and risk assessments so you can rest assured that your IT will not be used against you.

A new incident that has potential to harm a system
A known weakness of an asset that hackers could exploit
The potential for loss or damage when a threat exploits a vulnerability

Your Greatest Asset

Pipeline responds to the growing cybersecurity challenges by assisting its customers in protecting their digital transformations from the strategic planning stages through to operational implementation, as well as providing a suitable response in the case of an attack.

Identify possible motivations for a cyber attack to your organization

Discover the systems and digital assets that are considered high value

Examine security products and policies in order to identify vulnerabilities

Penetration tests to identify system flaws

Data and model integration

Asset discovery

Asset prioritization

Asset discovery

Result analysis & remediation

Continuous security

We Build Smart Data Pipelines

Discover new insights in your organization so you can accelerate decisive actions.