Managed Cyber Security

Implement defensive capabilities with advanced threat detection and protection

How do I protect my business from cyber attacks?

Many businesses prioritize information security and have dedicated security departments or advanced security solutions.

However, in the world of security, there is no such thing as «100% protection.»

Companies must be prepared for instances in which a cyber assault bypasses their defenses and preventative procedures. It is vital to identify a systematic protection model that allows for rapid and effective cyber defense.

Cybersecurity Services


Rethink how you see your assets and devices. Pipeline will assist in the monitoring of your technology stack by providing 24/7 monitoring with real-time detection and reporting.

Automatically track and report on user actions. Our team discovers and secures your network assets so that you don’t have to.

Examine detailed alert logs in real time. Our team categorizes alerts based on severity so that you can see the current state of your network at any time.


Conduct Vulnerability Assessment and let us streamline the investigation of security incidents.

Protect yourself against the most recent exploits and vulnerabilities. In real-time, we update our threat database with the most recent information.

Utilize comprehensive threat detection and analysis without jeopardizing your IT team’s productivity.


Deep analysis of security events and violations provides insight. Allow us to investigate network issues and create customized workflows to close security gaps.

Make our team a part of yours. Rely on security professionals to assist with remediation, recovery, and business continuity.

Create and implement solid infrastructure changes and updates that address your most vulnerable processes.

Threat Intelligence Case Study

OEM Hardware Vendor

Block malicious communication to IoT devices in order to ensure that communication between customers is safe.


Protecting you from cyber threats

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