Business Intelligence

Gain the insight to drive your organization's digital security advantage.

Organizations need to analyze data and information to develop effective and efficient business practices.

Business intelligence means different things to different people and departments in any organization. Developing unique business insights or identifying new adversary tactics can be used to protect your business. At Pipeline, we help organizations identify, observe, and build the automation to build and maintain business advantages.


Identify your business risks

Demographic Intelligence

Discover more about the users by utilizing the data from your online platforms.

Behavior Intelligence

Translate your customers online behavior into actionable business insights.

Business Intelligence

Unlock the true value of your business data to make this your greatest business asset.

Process Intelligence

Uncover potential bottlenecks to your internal processes and streamline your workflows.

4 methods for increasing business value


Analyze your IoT data on how your internet-connected products are being used by customers to spot new trends.


Implement data-mining capabilities across disperse systems to detect potential fraud or project the potential for future revenue streams.


Implement video surveillance analytics so you can detect anomalies, predict maintenance needs, and protect your infrastructure.


Our highly experienced team will work on your behalf to detect threats from spam, malware, ransomware, botnets and phishing threats.

Video Surveillance Case Study

Datacenter Operations

Facial recognition and anomaly detection can help detect unauthorized entry of individuals into remote data center facilities.


Accelerate your ­ data-driven strategies

Learn how to build new security services to protect your consumers and business users