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Introducing www.ppln.co

Over the past few years, we at Pipeline have worked relentlessly to help companies prevent security problems easily and effectively. And now, we are ready to significantly change our traditional value proposition and align our products and services with a new brand that reflects our mission to empower organizations with data-driven cybersecurity.

Implementing Data-Driven Cyber Security

We have redesigned our website and renamed our domain to reflect our ongoing commitment to providing cyber intelligence, proactively defending against modern threats, and assisting in the simplification of complex cybersecurity.

The change underscores the importance of active defense cybersecurity and the need for proven simplicity backed by data intelligence in response to today's vast array of threats.  

Our new products and services are aimed at ushering Asia Pacific into a new era. We are grateful for the continued support of our customers over the years, which has allowed us to expand our team and build innovative solutions with our Active Threat Defense program. The recent addition of A.S.M. Shamim Reza to our team as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) has increased our technology and development capabilities, and we look forward to even more new services to come.

A Simple, Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

While many cyber products take a back seat, Pipeline takes a proactive, data-proven approach to detecting and mitigating known threats before they enter the network. We then assist businesses in identifying cybersecurity issues that may pose significant business risks.. In addition, our consulting services are designed to help our clients gain a thorough understanding of what is happening within their networks, applications, and digital footprint.

Despite the growing popularity of vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and so-called AI security solutions, many organizations still turn to us for help.

"Are we protected from cyber-attacks? Are there any existing dangers or risks?"

Existing security measures such as firewalls are easily neutralized by cryptographic attacks. Anti-virus software of yesterday can no longer protect users from today's growing online threats. These include users leaving sensitive data on the Internet, misconfigured systems, and more. Add to that the daily increase in online cyber-attacks, complex supply chain attacks, and the complexity of managing remote workers, and you have turned the cyber landscape into a whole new ball game.

What we do is simple. We identify risks and provide data points to make smart decisions.

For us, this is a major shift in the modern world, and as a cybersecurity partner that protects corporate IT systems and networks, we aim to support corporate IT and digital transformation efforts. We at Pipeline are committed to further expanding our services to help our customers in the future. Our job is to make your cybersecurity easier and safer. Our new mission is to develop scalable, effective, and comprehensive security solutions.

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