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Pipeline & Cybertrust partners via Reseller Agreement for AlmaLinux OS Support Services

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November 23, 2023
Pipeline Inc.
Pipeline & Cybertrust partners via Reseller Agreement for AlmaLinux OS Support Services: Supporting Long-Term Linux Operations in Japan and Overseas with a Focus on Asia
Pipeline Inc. (HQ: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Allan Watanabe; hereinafter "Pipeline") and Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuji Kitamura; hereinafter "Cybertrust") have signed an agreement to distribute Cybertrust's "AlmaLinux OS Support Service" in Japan and overseas. Pipeline is the first overseas distributor of Cybertrust's AlmaLinux OS Support Service.
Market Background
APAC is rapidly evolving into a digital powerhouse with an increased demand for secure and stable computing environments. Cyberattacks are on the rise, and thus there is a growing need for reliable security measures to protect sensitive data and critical infrastructure. The Cybertrust-Pipeline partnership aims to address these challenges by leveraging the right strengths of both parties to deliver a robust and secure AlmaLinux delivery, support, and environment to businesses in Japan and the Asia Pacific region.
Expected demand for Linux OS in data centers and government agencies is seen on the horizon.
  • By 2027, the global Linux market will reach $15.64 trillion. (Fortune Business Insights).
  • The global Linux Operating System Market is expected to grow between 2023 to 2028 at a CAGR of 18.94%.
  • Linux is the operating system of all the world’s fastest supercomputers (Blackdown).
  • 96.3% of the top 1,000,000 web servers use Linux. (ZDNet)
“AlmaLinux Standard Support" coverage expands for up to 16 years supporting long-term operation of Linux system environments, with a package providing updates and security patches for AlmaLinux OS and technical support. In addition, the "AlmaLinux Live Patch Service" provides live patches that enable kernel updates without shutting down the OS (no reboot), hence reducing maintenance costs and improving service levels by providing security measures without stopping system operation.
Cybertrust and Pipeline will support enterprise Linux users not only in Japan but also in the Asia Pacific and the rest of the world to ensure long-term, safe, and secure operations, with everything related to AlmaLinux and its security.
This partnership reflects the commitment of both Pipeline and Cybertrust to provide innovative and secure technology solutions that support the growth and success of businesses in Asia and Japan. By combining their expertise and resources, the entities aim to make a significant impact on the digital landscape in the region, contributing to a safer and more secure digital future for all.
In signing the distributorship agreement, both companies commented as follows:
Allan Watanabe, President and Representative Director, Pipeline Inc. said, "We are pleased to partner with Cybertrust Corporation to provide the security and reliability of the Alma Linux OS to our customers in Asia and Japan. This is not just about providing a resilient operating system, but equipping businesses with the latest solutions that are essential to thrive in today's digital transformation."
Yasutoshi Magara, Chairman and Representative Director of Cybertrust Corporation said, “Our partnership with Pipeline ensures timely security updates and support for AlmaLinux users in the Asia region, contributing to a secure and reliable operating system."
About Pipeline Inc.
Pipeline, Inc. offers tailor-made cybersecurity solutions, managed security services, and comprehensive consulting to identify digital security risks, bolster security measures, and unlock valuable insights and is a global cybersecurity solutions provider.

At Pipeline, we are not just committed to protecting your digital assets; we provide the most comprehensive and innovative security solutions that empower businesses to operate with confidence in a world full of cyber threats.
About Cybertrust Corporation
Cybertrust has provided authentication and security services for over 20 years as Japan's first commercial electronic certificate authority, and Linux/OSS services for on-premises, cloud, and embedded domains by applying Miracle Linux kernel technology and open-source software (OSS) expertise. services for on-premises, cloud, and embedded domains. In addition, combining these technologies and achievements, we are promoting services that support the reliability of our customers' services by proving the correctness of "all people, things, and things" for IoT (Internet of Things) and other innovative fields.
Cybertrust is committed to realizing a safe and secure digital society.

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