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Empowering Asia with AlmaLinux: Pipeline's Partnership with Cybertrust


In recent exciting news, Pipeline Inc. has unveiled a strategic partnership with Cybertrust to cater to the needs of Alma Linux users in the Asia region. This partnership promises to bring a host of benefits to users, ensuring efficient support, security, and seamless migration planning.
Pipeline Inc. and Cybertrust have joined forces to bolster the AlmaLinux ecosystem in the Asia region. With this collaboration, AlmaLinux users can expect top-tier support, automated security updates, and a myriad of services tailored to their needs.


In the ever-evolving realm of technology, identifying a trusted partner is paramount, and Cybertrust stands as a steadfast beacon of reliability and innovation. Cybertrust is the concern of Softbank Technology Corp, a name synonymous with cutting-edge technology solutions.
With a reputation that resonates in the tech industry, Cybertrust has consistently demonstrated its expertise in the market for pre-installed Linux distributions. Their presence is not just notable; it's substantial, and their commitment to delivering robust and dependable technology solutions is well-documented.
As an integral player in the technology landscape, Cybertrust has earned its stripes by providing comprehensive, secure, and forward-thinking solutions. This partnership with Pipeline Inc. is a testament to their dedication to ensuring the security and success of AlmaLinux users in the Asia region. With Cybertrust on board, AlmaLinux users can rest assured that they have a formidable ally to rely on, setting the stage for a prosperous digital journey.


In the intricate world of operating systems, AlmaLinux emerges as a steadfast and robust solution.
AlmaLinux is an open-source Linux distribution strategically engineered to fill a void created by the discontinuation of CentOS Linux 8.
Its design and purpose pivot around delivering a stable, secure, and dependable environment for organizations and individuals alike.

Features of AlmaLinux

AlmaLinux is a compelling Linux distribution known for its array of features that make it an appealing choice for organizations and individuals seeking stability, security, and long-term support. Let's delve into these key features that set Alma Linux apart:
Stability: Alma Linux provides a stable and predictable platform for running applications and services. This stability is critical for businesses and organizations where interruptions and unexpected changes can lead to costly downtime.
Security: Regular security updates and patches are a hallmark of AlmaLinux. This proactive approach to security ensures that the operating system remains fortified against vulnerabilities and potential threats. Users can rest assured that their systems are well-protected.
Long-Term Support: Alma Linux's commitment to long-term support is a standout feature. With an extended support cycle of 16 years, users can rely on Alma Linux for an extended period, reducing the uncertainty and disruptions that often accompany frequent system upgrades.
AlmaLinux's feature set aligns closely with the requirements of both businesses and individual users, making it a robust and dependable choice in the world of open-source operating systems. These features not only enhance the functionality of the system but also contribute to its reputation for reliability and security, which are essential attributes in today's technology landscape.

Advantages of AlmaLinux

The advantages of AlmaLinux extend far beyond its technical capabilities, encompassing a spectrum of attributes that render it a compelling choice for organizations and individuals alike. Here, we explore these pivotal advantages:
Reliability: AlmaLinux is underpinned by a commitment to reliability, ensuring that it is a dependable choice for businesses and organizations. It offers a stable environment for mission-critical operations, providing an assurance that systems will operate smoothly, reducing the risk of unexpected disruptions.
Community-Driven: AlmaLinux's open-source nature is a significant advantage. It has fostered a robust and passionate community of users and developers who actively contribute to its development. This collaborative approach results in a well-supported and continually evolving operating system that adapts to the ever-changing demands of the tech landscape.
Legacy of CentOS: AlmaLinux carries forward the legacy of CentOS, a distribution known for its stability and compatibility. This continuity provides users with a sense of familiarity, while also assuring them of a reliable and proven platform for their needs.
Seamless Migration: With the impending end of maintenance updates for CentOS Linux 7 on June 30, 2024, organizations in the Asia region require a suitable Linux OS successor and seamless migration planning. Alma Linux steps into this role seamlessly, providing a clear path for users to transition without the upheaval that often accompanies such changes.
AlmaLinux's advantages are pivotal in positioning it as a trusted and valuable choice in the realm of open-source operating systems. Its legacy, community-driven development, and emphasis on reliability and seamless transitions make it a compelling and reassuring choice for those navigating the complexities of today's technology landscape.
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How Pipeline Can Help AlmaLinux Users in Asia

AlmaLinux is not merely a Linux distribution; it is a strategic choice that brings forth a multitude of benefits to users and organizations operating within the demanding technology landscape.
Pipeline Inc. takes center stage as the distributor for AlmaCare Enterprise Support in the Asia region. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including:
Stress-Free Migration: AlmaLinux arrives at a pivotal juncture, aligning with the termination of maintenance updates for CentOS Linux 7 on June 30, 2024. As organizations in the Asia region grapple with the need for a seamless transition, Alma Linux offers an uncomplicated and reliable path. It simplifies the migration process, ensuring minimal disruption and preserving the continuity of operations.
Efficient Security: One of the foremost concerns in the digital age is security. AlmaLinux addresses this concern with automated security patching. This proactive approach to security alleviates the need for constant manual intervention, assuring users that their systems remain secure without undue effort.
Minimal Downtime: The modern business environment demands continuous operations. Alma Linux understands this need and prioritizes minimal downtime. It ensures that users can focus on their core activities, unburdened by frequent system disruptions. With AlmaLinux, reliability becomes an inherent trait, and operational continuity is the standard.
Tailored Support Options: AlmaLinux's commitment to comprehensive support is underscored by the range of tailored support options available to users in the Asia-Pacific region. These options cater to diverse requirements, offering a customized approach to support:
AlmaLinux Standard Support: A 16-year-long support package encompassing vulnerabilities, fault analysis, updates, security patches, and technical support. This package is the foundation for a secure and stable environment. Pipeline is here to provide you with any support needed over time.
AlmaLinux Live Patching Option: Enabling kernel updates without the need for a system restart, this option minimizes disruptions and ensures a seamless experience. It is available with a requisite AlmaLinux Standard support contract.
AlmaLinux FIPS 140-3 Support Option: This option ensures compliance with FIPS 140-3 standards, enhancing security for users. It is also available with a required AlmaLinux Standard support contract.
The benefits AlmaLinux brings to the table extend far beyond technical attributes. They encapsulate the essence of efficiency, security, and reliability, aligning seamlessly with the demands of modern technology users and organizations.
AlmaLinux is more than an operating system; it is a strategic advantage for those who value seamless operations and uncompromised security in their digital journey.


The strategic partnership between Pipeline and Cybertrust is a significant step in empowering AlmaLinux users across the Asia region.
AlmaLinux's reliability and security features, combined with the support and expertise offered by Pipeline, make it an enticing choice for organizations seeking a robust and dependable Linux distribution.
This collaboration promises to provide users with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world, ensuring that their systems remain secure, efficient, and resilient.
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