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How to Protect Sensitive Information from Ransomware!

Have You Ever Heard of "Ransomware?" 

A type of computer virus, Ransomware demands a ransom and infects computers without users' knowledge, rendering data unusable through encryption or other means. 


Due to the corona crisis, DX has become a popular business initiative, but in recent years, there have been an increasing number of cases targeting infrastructures such as the networks of companies and organizations, and it is also emphasized in the Metropolitan Police Department's cybercrime countermeasure project. 


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Cyber ​​Crime Countermeasures Project clearly states that, in addition to email countermeasures, the introduction of anti-virus software on personal computers and the introduction of network monitoring mechanisms into Internet communication paths are particularly important measures. 


Prevention from Any Damage by Ransomware!  

It is a fact that ransomware that slips through antivirus software quarantine is becoming more prevalent, and software installation alone is no longer sufficient. 

The reality for many small and medium-sized companies may be that they do not have the budget or the time to devote significant effort to countermeasures because they do not know when ransomware damage may occur or not. 

How to know if your organization is fully prepared to fight ransomware? 

If you have any concerns, please consider the countermeasures on the other side.  


Introducing "ThreatIDR"  

Threat Incident Detection and Response, ThreatIDR, has been developed, a state-of-the-art security solution based on "network monitoring", that protects against attacks that exploit gaps in antivirus software. Most of the important data handled by an organization passes through network communications such as the Internet. By implementing ThreatIDr, the network is constantly monitored to identify malicious communications with a high degree of accuracy, and malicious communications are blocked in real time. 

Since it does not rely on software uploads like antivirus software, the latest security measures can always be applied without worrying about updates. 


Four Necessary Features 

ThreatIDR not only automatically blocks dangerous communications, but also allows security personnel to identify, detect, and respond to the situation in real time. 


  1. Monitor: Monitor and record any communication data 
  2. Analyze: Analyze data to determine where compromised communications are coming from 
  3. Respond: Automatically block dangerous communications and notify the person in charge at the same time 
  4. Historical Data: It maintains communication history. This data is useful for auditing and condition analysis. 


The solution works on-premise as hardware within an organization or in a cloud environment. 


The effect can also be applied to remote workers who are away from the organization, such as teleworkers, and is especially recommended for companies that utilize remote work. 


Sign Up to Experience the Benefits with a Free Trial! 


It is very simple to install. During the trial, you can use all the features so please feel free to try it out before you decide to go full-scale with it. 

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