External data enrichment aids in improving the model quality of a company's analytics.

Research & Market Data

Using various research, market, and external data improves a company's ability to improve the model quality of AI algorithms, business processes, and opens up the potential for new business opportunities.

Data enrichment is one of today's most effective strategies.

External research and market data are becoming increasingly important as more data is made available via the Internet or from specialized data providers.

External data complements and helps to improve advanced analysis, optimize business processes (for example, with geolocation, weather, or traffic data), reduce internal data maintenance efforts, and create new services. Nonetheless, despite their growing importance, external data remains an underutilized resource for the majority of businesses.

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Types of data:
Demographic and economic data can help improve marketing and customer segmentation analytics.

Open data can also be used to supplement existing company data and aid in improving the quality of business intelligence.
Openly dislosed, public government data, and other public data sources in machine-readable formats to commonly used to improve people's lives, building corporate profit-making intiatives, and thereby contributing to social and economic.

Open Data

Companies that directly exchange data with select partners are gaining traction as more organizations seek to transform data into value. In such cases, third-party data shared can be extremely valuable.

Shared Data

Sources of Shared data:
Media agencies
Partners and resellers
Employee and customer screening and reputation services
Cyber Security Agencies
This type of proprietary data helps to build unique business insights and security analytics. As proprietary data is provided at a cost, it is in the provider's best interest to deliver high-quality and unique data.
Proprietary data is in many cases commercially available data that has been obtained directly from specialized data providers and data marketplaces.

For example, Spamhaus, Surbl, and Scamadvisor provides access to their unique datasets with a paid subscription.

Open Data

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