Dark Web Monitoring Service

At Pipeline, in addition to reporting when a leak is confirmed, the forensic team analyzes and investigates traces of cybercrime, such as data falsification and loss routes, and also proposes a system to prevent recurrence.

Roughly 3% of the area can be searched on the internet

・Cybersecurity is a highly specialized field that is difficult to understand...
・Continuing to secure and develop specialized human resources through in-house production costs a huge amount of money...

Free Diagnosis with domain name, email address, etc.

Our team will conduct a simple investigation based on the important information you have provided.

Pipeline's strengths in SOC construction and operation management


Constantly monitor data breaches


Detecting and reporting data leaks and leaks


Forensic analysis, recurrence prevention (optional)

More than just monitoring and reporting, pipeline forensics

Let's investigate the cause through forensics and prevent recurrence.

Digital forensics is gathering evidence and traces of cybercrime and carrying out analysis and investigation.

Pipeline's forensic team determines what caused cybercrime, reviews security systems, and prevents recurrence.

Find Credential and Data Leaks

Investigation/analysis (forensics) cause investigation and construction support service for preventing recurrence

Research and analysis
Detailed information is extracted for data and management information that has already disappeared, and what kind of operation was actually performed is elucidated from the data.
Investigate the cause
Attack methods such as internal fraud and information leakage. We will analyze the facts and the circumstances of containment responses, etc., and grasp the details.
Establishing measures to prevent recurrence
In addition to technical responses, we also propose recurrence prevention, horizontal deployment, etc. based on processes and flows involving people involved in detection, reporting, and response information.

Why choose Pipeline

Pipeline accompanies and supports security measures that have become management issues so that they become optimal choices for your business.

Security for business continuity and management

We will propose optimal countermeasures to your company without being swayed by the rapid changes in technologies such as generative AI. Your company can focus on important tasks.

Overwhelming cost performance (in-house products)

Since it is an in-house product, there is no need to use expensive software made overseas. Furthermore, we directly reflect customer-specific cybersecurity-related issues in our products.

Deep knowledge and rich human resources network

We have a human resources network including industry-academia collaboration not only domestically but also offshore. We are updating cutting-edge technology trends and knowledge through participation in international organizations.

Fast response

Pipeline's digital forensics team will respond quickly to your emergency.

Expert Guidance in Cyber Defense

Gain new insights and insights in your organization to speed up decision-making and business actions