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Cyren Customers to Avail Free 3-Months Trial to Spamhaus Threat Intelligence!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! If you're a Cyren customer who's been worrying about the recent liquidation, we've got the solution for you. Our data services, the Data Query Service and the Spamhaus Intelligence API, are now available for free for three whole months - no strings attached!

The sudden announcement of financial difficulties by a security provider can leave their customers feeling worried and uncertain. With questions like, "how long will my data and services be available?" and "will they still be effective?" swirling in their minds, the need for stability and security becomes a top priority.

Cyren recently faced such a situation, announcing its liquidation and causing alarm among its 70,000 customers, who now must scramble to find a new solution. This transition can be overwhelming and stressful, with many factors to consider such as costs, services, and providers.

To help ease the transition and provide peace of mind, we at Pipeline are stepping up to the plate. For a limited time, we are offering three months of free access to our data and services, without any strings attached. This will give affected companies the time they need to make an informed decision, without feeling pressured or rushed.

We understand the urgency and importance of finding a reliable and secure solution, and we are here to provide just that. Our data for the services listed below will be available for free for the next three months, giving you the chance to experience the benefits of our services, with no obligations.

Services for You

This is your chance to upgrade your security and keep your data and services secure. Our services are comparable to Cyren's Email Security and Threat Intelligence Feeds, and we're confident that you won't regret making the switch.

The Data Query Service provides real-time protection against email-borne threats and integrates into your existing infrastructure within minutes. With a false positive rate of just 0.02%, you can block over 99% of malicious traffic with ease. Our service has received rave reviews from companies like Universo Online who have seen amazing results with our DQS.

The Spamhaus Intelligence API provides context-rich and actionable reputation insight for your security team. You'll have access to over 20 metadata fields related to millions of malicious and compromised IP addresses, and our easy-to-use API allows you to query a single IP or network up to /24 without the need for large file downloads.
We are proud to offer IP and domain reputation data services, designed to help companies protect themselves from various cyber-threats. In light of recent events, where Cyren has announced its liquidation, we understand that many of its customers are in a state of panic and trying to find new providers to ensure the security of their data and services. We aim to ease this process for these customers by offering our Data Query Service (DQS) and Spamhaus Intelligence API (SIA) for free for a period of three months.

Spamhaus's Data Query Service (DQS) is designed for email protection, providing real-time blocklists that protect email streams against email-borne threats. This service covers both content and IP data, seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructure within minutes. Our DQS blocks more than 99% of malicious traffic while keeping false positive rates at a low 0.02%. With a supported infrastructure that has never failed, this service has been highly praised by our customers, with Universo Online's Director of Technology stating, "DQS is so fast - it’s amazing. We are instantly protected, and our users are so pleased with the service we’re providing."

Our Spamhaus Intelligence API (SIA) provides IP data accessible through API, giving security teams context-rich, actionable reputation insights that help identify threats and prioritize remediation. This service provides access to over 20 different metadata fields related to millions of malicious and compromised IP addresses, allowing you to query a single IP or network up to /24 without the need for large file downloads.

With both historical and live data available, Red Sift's CTO praised SIA for its easy accessibility and scalability, stating, "We don’t have to worry about scale. The data is easy to access and a great benefit for us. We can push as much traffic as we need towards Spamhaus, and we know it’s going to work."

Safe Hands with Spamhaus: Trustworthy Cybersecurity Solutions

At Spamhaus, we have over two decades of experience in reputation data and a team of researchers across the globe who provide real-time updates 24/7. Our datasets are used by leading global technology companies, internet service providers, and hosting companies, and we're capable of servicing billions of queries every day.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Sign up now to access our Data Query Service and Spamhaus Intelligence API and get three months of free, unrestricted data access. With Spamhaus, you're in safe hands.
Serviced by leading technology companies, internet service providers, and hosting companies, Spamhaus processes billions of queries daily, with a highly over-provisioned system that closely monitors response times and can easily expand as needed. Rely on the trusted solution for your data protection needs.
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